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The Road to Self Love

Apr 26, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! 

First of all I wanna thank you guys for your support. The road to self love podcast is doing better than ever before, we are already at 19,000 downloads for the month!

So, today we are joined by Jai Dev Singh, the founder of Life Force academy. This episode is for you if you are ready to elevate, thrive, and bring that life force back into your life by means of meditation and yoga.


(07:59) - What makes Jai, JAI’?

(10:15) - Jai’s Origin Story

(16:03) - What makes a Leader ’A LEADER’

(18:35) - How to also start caring about yourself

(27:33) - Simple practices 

(30:00) - The feeling of being Royalty 

(42:11) - Jai’s talents

(46:08) - We’re not really strangers 

(53:50) - How do we move from despair?

(59:20) - Jai sharing about life Force Academy 

(1:03:31) - What does Self Love mean to Jai?

(1:04:08) - Where to Find Jai?




Checkout the life force academy - @lifeforceacademy 

Say Hi to Jai Dev on instagram - @jaidev108

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