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The Road to Self Love

Nov 9, 2021

Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today we are joined by the founder of Raw Beauty Co., Erin Treloar. Her company is driven to help women live from a place of self-love and become their most authentic selves. 

This episode is full of us having relatable and vulnerable conversations around the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, what to and what not to share online, healing your relationship with money, and of course coming home to yourself.  


(4:30) - What makes Erin, ‘Erin’?

(5:44) - Origin story

(12:54) - Coming home to yourself

(16:10) - Erin’s Self-love journey as a wellness coach

(30:06) - road trip game #1

(33:11) - Having relatable & vulnerable conversations about money

(55:20) - What does self-love mean to you

(57:38) - Where can people find you



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