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The Road to Self Love

Oct 19, 2021

Do you want a sacred space where you feel welcomed and supported?

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Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today on the virtual road we’re joined by Samantha Belle who in her own words is a kaleidoscope. She is an actor & helps creatives release imposter syndrome + overwhelm. She has been on a beautiful and brave journey of self-exploration in the past few years & shares valuable lessons that she has learned with us!

If you looking for 

  1. Powerful ways to reconnect  with your truest self
  2. Tangible tools for removing self-sabotage from your life
  3. Help with understanding your insecurities from your childhood

Get yourself buckled up because you are absolutely going to love this episode!


(0:00) - Intro + origin story of her evolution 

(16:30) - What did you learn from your parent's divorce?

(22:15) - Self sabotage & practical ways of removing it

(35:23) - road trip game #1 & understanding Self inflicted trauma

(50:50) - fuck marry kill

(55:30) - outro


The best way to reach Samantha is via Instagram - @its_samanthabelle

Dm me on Instagram: @PaulFishman

Youtube: Paul Fishman

TikTok: @Paul.Fishman

Website: PaulFishman.Love