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The Road to Self Love

Jun 7, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! 

Today on the road to self love we are joined by Ben Ahrens, he is a neuroplasticity teacher, expert & coach. At age 25 he was a semi-professional surfer and then became bed ridden for 3 years and despite getting the best medical treatment possible he wasn’t able to heal and get better. Then he came across neuroplasticity which changed his life. 

If you want to join Ben’s re origin program, click here and use the code “selflove” at the checkout to get 10% off. 


(03:49) - What makes Ben 'Ben'. 

(11:46) - Ben's Journey of finding passion.

(16:04) - Ben's Mindset.

(28:17) - What is insula?

(31:52) - What is brain training?

(47:01) - What does self love mean to Ben

(47:40) - Where can we find Ben Ahrens


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