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The Road to Self Love

Apr 12, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today, we are joined by The Spiritual Asshole Podcast, Brendan Fitzgibbons. He is a comedian and extremely spiritually self aware. We get to talk about how Brendan has used his awareness and self love to heal a lot of the patterns comedians tend to get stuck in. 


4:00 - Who is Brendan?

10:39 - Journey to Crave Validation 

12:48 - How to be productive about a thing and not get attached to it?

17:21 - Spiritual Asshole

19:15 - Being on a Pedestal

24:08 - Desire and Trauma passed down through generations 

25:29 - Why people should not beat themselves up

27:17 - Erewhon Market

36:09 - Working at Dunkin Donuts to being a Comedian 

45:20 - Son and mother relationships boundaries 

55:55 - Fuck Marry Kill 

1:01:18 - What does self love mean to you?

1:03:49 - Family Constellation 

1:11:54 - What kind of Self Love Paul practice?


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