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The Road to Self Love

May 10, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! 

Today we’re joined by Jesse Finkelstein. He is the creator of the card game, “The game of real life” 

The game of real life teaches you the best ways to deal with the conflict. It is the perfect amalgamation of learning and having fun at the same time! You can get the game here


(04:43) - What makes Jesse ’JESSE’?

(05:30) - Does Curiosity kill the Cat ?

(06:48) - Jesse’s Origin Story 

(07:34) - Jesse’s thoughts about the coaching industry 

(11:51) - Introduction to Jesse’s Game 

(17:12) - Jesse’s thoughts on feelings aren’t facts

(24:56) - How to Play Jesse’s Game 

(28:24) - Where can people buy the Game?

(29:25) - The process of creating the game 

(30:59) - How does Paul Operationalise his Coaching of Self Love 

(41:35) - What can someone do to make their life easier/ fun?

(44:05) - How is Self Love Different from Self Care?

(48:20) - What does Self Love mean to Jesse?

(49:09) - A Tip from Jesse, Validating his experiences

(51:03) - Rapid Fire Round

(54:05) - Where can people find Jesse?

(55:10) - Last words from Jesse


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