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The Road to Self Love

May 10, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! 

Today we’re joined by Jesse Finkelstein. He is the creator of the card game, “The game of real life” 

The game of real life teaches you the best ways to deal with the conflict. It is the perfect amalgamation of learning and having fun at the same time! You can get the game here


May 3, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers!   

If you’re watching this on the 3rd of May, go wish Richard happy birthday here @darby_richard

Also, if you're interested in ancestral constellation work check out the episode with grandmother Sarah here

Go to if you want to get the best booze free, organic cocktails...

Apr 26, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! 

First of all I wanna thank you guys for your support. The road to self love podcast is doing better than ever before, we are already at 19,000 downloads for the month!

So, today we are joined by Jai Dev Singh, the founder of Life Force academy. This episode is for you if you are ready to elevate,...

Apr 19, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today’s episode is specifically made for you if you love astrology or want to learn more about it. We are joined by the goddess of astrology, the founder of Spirit Daughter, Jill Wintersteen.

We also talk about how she grew her brand, spirit daughter, from 0 to 1.9 million followers on Instagram...

Apr 12, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today, we are joined by The Spiritual Asshole Podcast, Brendan Fitzgibbons. He is a comedian and extremely spiritually self aware. We get to talk about how Brendan has used his awareness and self love to heal a lot of the patterns comedians tend to get stuck in. 


4:00 - Who is Brendan?