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The Road to Self Love

Nov 23, 2021

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Oh hey, Self Lovers!

Today on the road to self love, we talk to the one and only Ashley Wray. She is a mindfulness coach and helps you connect to your purpose, potential, your highest self and she is the founder of the Mala Collective.


Nov 18, 2021

oh hey Self Lovers! After lots of feedback and requests, we launched a Patreon and it's so exciting! I'm calling it The Road to Self Love Carpool and I want you to join us.

check it out at

Today's solocast is all about boundaries and some little know mistakes you might be making when setting...

Nov 16, 2021

Oh hey, Self Lovers!

Today on this virtual road to self love, we’re joined by my very special friend Becca Piastrelli. 

She is the author of the book Root & Ritual which is a beautifully illustrated guide for connecting with the earth, your ancestors, and your communities as you come home to your whole self.

In this...

Nov 9, 2021

Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today we are joined by the founder of Raw Beauty Co., Erin Treloar. Her company is driven to help women live from a place of self-love and become their most authentic selves. 

This episode is full of us having relatable and vulnerable conversations around the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur,...

Nov 4, 2021

oh hey Self Lovers! The last 18 months of my life have been some of the hardest I have ever had to grow through and guess what? I am getting vulnerable again... but real talk, this is the most vulnerable I've ever been on the show.

I can't wait for you to snag all the juicy gems from this episode and I cry at the end so...