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The Road to Self Love

Mar 29, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers!  The self love oven is finally done with its magic and the episode with the one and only Kim Krans is finally out. Kim is the creator of The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

We literally pulled cards from her Deck while we were driving! We also talk about the origin story of the deck and what Kim is up to now. So, get buckled up and get ready because here we go!


4:10 - What makes Kim “Kim”?

10:56 - Kim’s origin story 

17:11 - The ideal Solution to your problem

25:47 - Difference between what you think is best for you and what’s actually best for you? 

31:30 - Tangible advice for the people

37:16 - Picking a card from Kim’s Deck

47:50 - Kim’s ongoing projects 

51:13 - Kim 10 years from now

1:00:54 - What does self love mean to you?

1:05:57 - Where can people find Kim


If you are #obsessed with Kim then

You can find her at - @Kim_Krans

And her Deck at - @the_wild_unknown 

Checkout her books here - 

Dm me on Instagram: @PaulFishman

Youtube: Paul Fishman

TikTok: @Paul.Fishman

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