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The Road to Self Love

Dec 14, 2021

The road to self love will be off for the holidays. The next episode will be released in 2022 and we are super excited for you to listen to our very special guests. I hope you’ll miss us as much as we’ll miss you.

Oh hey, Self Lovers! Today on the road to self love we are joined by Abbi Hatten. She is one of my dear clients and is travelling around the US in her van for the last 5 months.

This episode is for you if you are looking for the permission to do what you’ve always been called to do, you get to hear from abbi on how she broke through the resistance that was coming up to her on doing what she was really called to do for a really long time.  


(6:45) - What makes you 'YOU'?

(8:53) - Unlearning the things you learnt in your childhood

(10:55) - Biggest Hurdle in doing what you love

(13:28) - Breaking through the resistance of pursuing your calling

(14:38) - Laying naked in a hot spring 

(18:45) - Getting real about insecurities

(22:28) - Applying the things that you learnt and unlearnt to your life going forward

(24:18) - How do you surrender?

(27:21) - What's it like to go back home after being a traveler for 5 months?

(29:19) - What’s it like working with Paul Fishman ?

(35:25) - Why is it scary to invest in yourself

(37:43) - How has been your journey of stepping into the unknown 

(38:39) - Fuck, Marry, Kill 

(41:05) - What does Self Love mean to you?


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Checkout Abbi’s vulnerable self on tiktok - @abbiwanderlust 


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