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The Road to Self Love

Dec 1, 2021

Oh hey, Self Lovers! On this episode of the show we talk to the purpose & clarity coach Becca Ribbing.

Today we talk about parenting, schooling, how to find your purpose in  a corporate job, how to deal with bosses that micromanage you and so much more.

This episode is for you if you are-

  1. Looking to pivot
  2. Trying to find a new job
  3. Trying to find peace in your purpose


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(2:49) - What makes you, YOU?

(6:53) - Unlearning the fear of doing what you love isn’t enough to earn a living.

(12:04) - The breaking point for most people

(14:46) - Bad Boss and Negative Co Worker

(16:06) - Do you need a new boss or a new job?

(21:26) - Impacts of the pandemic on the corporate environment

(24:21) - How to boost your productivity when working from home 

(32:07) - Deep Diving into the Clarity Journal.

(38:58) - How would you guide someone through that friction?

(44:02) - Road Trip Game #1

(50:09) - What does Self Love mean to you ?




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