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The Road to Self Love

Apr 13, 2021

Salutations, Self Lover!

I’m taking a moment during my amazing trip filming my show to bring you this delicious episode with the very enchanting Ms. Chrissy Ajisafe!

Chrissy is a Nigerian-born London native who loves to remind people of their worth and help them on their journey to trust their body by breaking down their “why” of wanting to lose weight. Because the simple truth is, it’s never about wanting to be small.

If that last sentence made you tilt your head in confusion, then you will love this episode! I think the message can be the same for anything you may be chasing because you think it will make you feel _________ ...but that’s a different episode for a different day!

Enjoy this one, you guys. Chrissy is so inspiring and her message is an important one to digest.  



(9:07) How did Chrissy overcome her eating disorder?

(17:55) Common reasons for disordered eating

(31:02) Do you need the perfect body to be happy?

(51:50) What does “healthy” actually mean?



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Connect with Chrissy on Instagram: @chrissyajisafe

Visit Chrissy’s Website: YouCanHealYourWeight.Com


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