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The Road to Self Love

Aug 24, 2021

Welcome, Self Lover!
Or, if it’s not your first time – Welcome back!

This week I get to share my conversation with the stunningly authentic Chinae Alexander! We were able to connect on the socially distanced road to talk all things relationships, vulnerability, and the investment of self work.

Chinae is my newest best friend, and one of the few who is NOT afraid to be real online – a trait that I admire. She is also a podcaster, a social entrepreneur, and a self described body confidence aficianado. 

I hope Chinae inspires you to show up in your truth with no (or, maybe less) fear.





(11:50) Getting Vulnerable Online

(18:50) Real Relationships

(28:00) Investing in Your Self



Find Chinae Online!

Website: ChinaeAlexander.Com
Instagram: @ChinaeAlexander
Podcastagram: @PressSendPodcast

Chinae is so beautifully, authentically herself – if you were inspired by her story, and would like to apply for the Self Love Diet here!


Find Me Online!

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Website: PaulFishman.Love

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