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The Road to Self Love

Jun 30, 2020

Intuitive business coach, social media strategist, and online educator Amanda Bucci joins us today! 

In this episode, Amanda takes us into her story of how she went from being a fitness influencer to discovering her passion for business. ⁠

It's been a rocky road for sure but her determination and self...

Jun 23, 2020

Hello there! Today I want to share some news with you!

First of all, you'll notice I'm no longer calling myself a 'coach' and this is because I never really felt aligned with this word. Instead, I now choose to call myself a mentor as I want to help you navigate your journey more comprehensively and thoughtfully. Within...

Jun 16, 2020

It's all about healthy finances today!

This week I'm talking with money expert, Sandra Grahame. She is the founder of Smart Cookies; a digital platform designed to help ambitious women achieve life-changing financial goals.

In this episode, Sandra shows how getting our finances organized can be super fun and she even...

Jun 9, 2020

Dear self lovers! Today I want to have a vulnerable and open-heart conversation with you.

In this episode I dive deep into politics as I know I've been looking away for a very long time on the things I don't like to see as a privileged white man.

The goal of this message is to encourage you to plant the seed of love in...