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The Road to Self Love

Jun 16, 2020

It's all about healthy finances today!

This week I'm talking with money expert, Sandra Grahame. She is the founder of Smart Cookies; a digital platform designed to help ambitious women achieve life-changing financial goals.

In this episode, Sandra shows how getting our finances organized can be super fun and she even shares three effective action steps you can take towards healthier finances during the pandemic.

Get ready to ditch the scarcity mindset and make more empowered financial decisions!

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Connect with Sandra: @sandra.grahame

Download her FREE Spending Edit Guide here and start taking better care of your money now!

Check out her program 'Your Richest Year' and achieve your money goals this 2020.

Grab her 'Get Your $1000 Jumpstart Guide' here and learn how to find $1000 in less than 60 days!

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