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The Road to Self Love

Oct 12, 2021

Do you want a sacred space where you feel welcomed and supported?

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Oh hey, Self Lovers! This episode is all about how spending time with your best friends and being surrounded by the right community should be of the highest priority for us self lovers.

We are joined by Bailey Stanworth and Jaccirai, the two incredible hosts of What day is it? podcast. Our conversation today is just like 3 best friends hanging out in the car and talking about everything from their backstories and how they ended up hosting a very successful podcast together to sharing vulnerable moments about unhealed traumas.


(0:00) - Intro + a very special announcement 

(9:22) - Diving into the backstories of Bailey & Jaci

(16:50) - Working with a business partner who is also your friend  

(26:20) - Playing we’re not really strangers 

(41:27) - What does self love mean to you?

(42:53) - Fuck marry kill

(45:42) - Outro


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