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The Road to Self Love

Nov 23, 2021

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Oh hey, Self Lovers!

Today on the road to self love, we talk to the one and only Ashley Wray. She is a mindfulness coach and helps you connect to your purpose, potential, your highest self and she is the founder of the Mala Collective.

This episode is all about learning how to trust yourself, to overcome your self doubt and step into your highest self. So, if you are going through a big transition period in your life and are ready to sail your way through it, get buckled up because you are in for a treat!

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(4:14) - Who is Ashley Wray?

(6:34) - Ashley’s Business Story

(9:24) - Self Trust and Surrender

(13:45) - First Step towards trusting yourself

(15:57) - The only person holding you accountable is YOU

(18:03) - Road Trip Game #1

(29:12) - Mentally handling the process of raising funds for your business.

(36:35) -  What does Self Love Means to You?


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