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The Road to Self Love

May 31, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers!  Today we are joined by the one and only, the host of the Tales of Taboo podcast, writer and the adventuress. She is living life to its fullest and doing deep healing work at the same time. 

This episode is for you if you want to laugh for 1 hour straight and want to leave feeling better, happy, light along with some vulnerable moments about being a social media personality all at the same time. 

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(00:31) - intro

(01:06) - specific intro

(08:41) - conversation starts

(09:18) - What makes Ali 'Ali'

(14:48) - How did Ali move through her feeling of loneliness

(18:06) - Ali's day to day life

(21:40) - Being nothing and everything at the same time

(31:33) - knowing more about Ali weiss.

(41:32) - Ali's thoughts on people blaming themselves

(56:07) - Rapid fire with Ali.

(58:18) - Who is Ali's role model

(59:34) - Ali's favorite book

(01:01:07) - What does self love mean to you?

(01:03:42) - where can you find Ali on social media

(01:05:53) - Outro


If you the of your life listening to this podcast 

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