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The Road to Self Love

Apr 20, 2021

Hey there, Self Lover!

I’m not entirely sure you guys are ready for this week’s guest, but I’m bringing her to you anyway!

Meet Bryche Abawi, the CEO and Founder of MyElle – the vaginal rejuvenation wand, aka the Coochie Lightsaber.

I have known Bryche since back in my spin days, and I have enjoyed watching her find amazing ways to help women throughout her career. Bryche has been able to connect with her clients in such a beautiful way, and she has a passion for educating and helping women. I just could not wait to share her with y’all!

But what the hell does infrared, blue light, red light, ANY light have to do with your lady garden?? Bryche breaks it down for us in a comprehensive manner. She explains the science behind all of this, and tells us the benefits of having all of it for your (or someone you love’s) treasure box.

I hope you enjoy the very vibrant Bryche as much as I do!



(8:29) How does having an impact on others affect your own journey?

(11:16) The science (& benefits) behind MyElle

(21:42) Is there resistance around something as simple as light?

(26:24) The *other* self love ;)

(42:00) Dealing with competition, aka, why it’s okay to not be #1



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