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The Road to Self Love

Mar 15, 2022

Oh hey, Self Lovers! I am so excited to bring you guys The Road to Self Love 2.0! This is the first interview we are releasing in 2022 and to start off this beautiful journey we are joined by our very special guest Michelle Chalfant, the founder of The Adult Chair podcast.


Michelle explains what a narcissist is, she goes in depth about her life’s work that is the three types of chairs you can sit in - 

  1. The baby chair
  2. The adolescent chair 
  3. The adult chair 


Which chair are you sitting on and how to sit on the adult chair?

To find out, checkout the episode.




(5:08) - Who is Michelle Chalfant?

(6:05) - What is the difference between a therapist and a coach?

(10:16) - How did the adult chair podcast start?

(14:12) - All about the Adult chair model

(23:35) - How do we become more self aware?

(28:55) - The road to setting boundaries 

(40:00) - What does self love mean to you?

(41:57) - What boundary will benefit you the most to set with myself and why haven’t I set it yet ?

(47:16) - Your Understanding of Narcissism?

(56:30) - Favorite parts of your business?

(59:46) - Fuck, marry, kill - Coaching, Therapy, Podcast 

(1:02:00) - Guest Info




You can find everything about Michelle here -


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